Bringing Global Data Safety to a Higher Level

Our Technology

UltronGlow combines data storage and edge computing with blockchain technology to deliver a feasible network with multiple features. These features included data storing privately with fragmentation storage solution or openly, edge computing, and a complete decentralization.

Our technology unlocks the new era for developers, app users, services and even metaverse solution in the future.

Key features &

Endless Possibilities

Discover UltronGlow

The World’s First Distributed Edge Computing Fragmentation Storage Network

UltronGlow is a feasible secure and decentralized ecosystem network that acts as a bridge between the Real-Life World and the Virtual World and it is a base network for metaverse extension.

The Future of UltronGlow

From Daily Infrastructure to Application

  • Data Storage

    Fragmentation Data storing, exchanges,And intellectual property

  • IoE

    Smart home, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles

  • Communication

    Agile networking, safety, up-to-date news

  • Edge Computing

    Edge cloud collaboration, database, and AI training

  • Transaction

    Purchase products and services

  • Standard Blockchain

    Distributed ledgers and application programs