Glow Testnets

UltronGlow is a decentralized blockchain platform and home to the UTG cryptocurrency, being developed into a decentralized application (DApp) development platform with a multi-asset ledger and verifiable smart contracts. Built with the rigor of high-assurance formal development methods, UltronGlow aims to achieve the scalability, interoperability, and sustainability needed for real-world applications.  The Glow testnet sits at the vanguard of the network's development. It provides a sandboxed environment for continuing innovation, harnessing the power of our community to iterate and improve. The Glow testnet offers full UltronGlow functionality, including stake pool operation, transaction metadata, native tokens, and more. The testnet is open to any stake pool operator, developer, or commercial partner who wishes to join us in building the future and ecosystem.

Network : Glow Testnet

RPC url :

Chain id : 118

Glow Testnet Explorer

tUTG Faucet

These are networks used by protocol developers or smart contract developers to test both protocol upgrades as well as potential smart contracts in a production-like environment before deployment to Mainnet. Think of this as an analog to production versus staging servers.

It's generally important to test any contract code you write on a testnet before deploying to the Mainnet. If you're building a dapp that integrates with existing smart contracts, most projects have copies deployed to testnets that you can interact with.

tUTG on testnets has no real value; therefore, there are no markets for testnet tUTG. Since you need tUTG to actually interact with UltronGlow, most people get testnet tUTG from faucets. Most faucets are webapps where you can input an address which you request tUTG to be sent to.

If you are interested in building tools on UltronGlow, integrating with UltronGlow, and connecting with the wider developer community, please visit the UltronGlow Documentation to read more supported features that are live on UltronGlow mainnet.