"Meta" is the stage of extending the storage resources of "Ultraspace" and it is also the full version of UltronGlow 1.0 phrase. Users prepared their own storage resources in the previous stage, and at this stage, users' storage resources will be able to trade. In short, users can provide fragmentation storage services, open storage services, etc. to consumers that needed. Consumers need to use UTG as a payment and UltronGlow will destroy the UTG paid by consumers and issues equivalent stable coins for SRT (Storage Resource Token) to calculate the service volume. The service party will get the corresponding UTG as an incentive, and this is why they say “Service is the principle of mining”. This is the third consensus mechanism of UltronGlow, which is called Proof-of-Traded Storage. At the same time, the consensus of PoSV (Proof-of-Spacetime Verification) will be introduce to make sure the authenticity of the storage resources, quality of bandwidth and the contract of storage services. The combination of the 4 consensus mechanisms is called GLOW. GLOW has a natural ecological cycle, with an incentive mechanism but also a destruction mechanism.