NEWS>19 May 2022>Mainnet Upgrade

Mainnet Upgrade

Fellow UTGians,


We planned to perform an Ultraspace Mainnet upgrade at block height 1073447 which approximately time will be 10:01, 20th May 2022 (UTC+8).


This upgrade includes PoS nodes, Ultronscan blockchain explorer and PoSR’s DAPP. User may directly import the stake address when dealing with PoSR transmission process while the private key is needed to be import after the PoSR transmission process is completed.


The content of this upgrade

1. Optimize the consumption of storage nodes to verify the gas fee

2. Optimize storage node pledge and verification functions


Every Candidate Nodes should get the latest upgrade documents on UltronGlow's github account. (


Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for supporting us!