NEWS>09 October 2022>UIP 1.1.1 Mainnet Upgrade

UIP 1.1.1 Mainnet Upgrade

Fellow UTGians,

20221010 en.jpg

We planned to perform a META Mainnet upgrade at block height 230641 which approximately time will be 10:30:17, 10th October 2022 (UTC+8).


Contents of this update:

1) According to the voting results of UIP 1.1.1, 50% of GASfee will enter the black hole address for destruction, and 50% goes to PoS nodes’ reward. (

2) Fixed the problem that the pledge of PoTS did not return to the original path after the PoTS lease was terminated.


Every Candidate Nodes should get the latest node program on UltronGlow's github for node upgrade. (


Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for supporting us!