NEWS>07 July 2022>META Mainnet Online!

META Mainnet Online!

Fellow UTGians,

Meta Mainnet Online en.jpg

We are so excited to announce that UltronGlow is ready to step into the “META” stage major upgrade. We planned to perform the Meta Mainnet upgrade at block height 1495994 which approximately time will be 14:00:35, 8th July 2022 (UTC+8).


The content of this upgrade

1. PoTS consensus algorithm online.

2. Optimize the PoSR consensus algorithm.


The latest V1.2 whitepaper is updated. The link to UltronGlow’s Whitepaper V1.2 as below:


Every Candidate Nodes should get the latest upgrade documents on UltronGlow's github account. (


Thank you all for your support!