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Docker Image Updated

Fellow UTGians,

docker image update.jpg

We have published a newer version of the docker container UTG-SS v1.4 or LATEST today.



1.      Container update requires user to delete the old container and create a new container. Please ensure to record the container's port, external and mapped directory information before deleting the old container. Please ensure that all configurations of the old and new containers are consistent so that the sealed storage space will not be lost.


2.      After the new container is created, user must open the SSM connection and re-login once to check whether the sealed information is normal. The new container wouldn't work without the SSM connections.


3.      If users are in the middle of sealing the storage resources, please let it finish the sealing process then create the new container or else users need to redo everything.


The nodes that fail to connect the RPC node for verification are needed to upgrade the UTG-SS container. There are 4 official RPC nodes are built in to ensure the redundancy of verification.


Thanks for supporting us!