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UltronGlow Kernel Upgrade

Fellow UTGians,

 kernel upgrade.jpg

We planned to perform an Ultraspace Mainnet kernel upgrade and stop RPC nodes, Genesis node and PoS node services at time approximately 16:00, 31st May 2022 (UTC+8) and will resume services at 18:00, 31st May 2022 (UTC+8). Please do not do any transaction within this 2 hours. 


The content of this upgrade

1.     Package space of single PoSR node is now up to 100TB on chain and effective at block height 1170700 

2.     Adjustment of the bandwidth factor. Original less than 30Mbps = 0 is now adjusted to less than 20Mbps = 0. Add on the 20-29Mbps bandwidth factor = 0.3.


Every PoS Candidate Nodes should get the latest upgrade documents on UltronGlow's github account. (


Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for supporting us!