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Community DApp is here

To every founding community member of UltronGlow,

origin community dapp en.jpeg

We are happy to announce that the DApp for founding community member is ready to roll. You will need to meet the target to get the release of your UTG.

Community DApp link:


Target and conditions are as below:

1)     The UTG incentive of the founding community will be released according to 30 periods with average progressive amount once the target is complete and it is valid within 24 months.

2)     In order to obtain the current period release, the task of expand 10 pledge addresses is required to be complete.

3)     If the task is not completed or only completed part of it in the current period, the completed pledge address can be carried on to the next period’s task.

4)     If the current period target is twice over-completed, the next period's incentive can be released in advance.

5)     If the tasks are completed in advance, the incentive will be released in advance. If the total tasks are not completed within 24 months, and the remaining community incentives will be automatically regarded as invalid.

6)     The incentive will be release on the 10th of next month if the task of current period is completed.



a)     Angel have a total 3000UTG incentive to be claim in the Community DApp, divided to 30 periods equally, 100UTG can be release in each period if Angel completed the task of current period.

b)    If Angel completed 10 pledge addresses task on January, she can obtain 100UTG as released.

c)     If Angel over-completed the task twice in the current period, her incentive of 200UTG will be release in advance.

d)    If Angel only complete 5 pledge addresses in the current period, her incentive of current period will be carried on to the next period.

e)     If Angel completed 15 pledge addresses on February, she can obtain 200UTG as incentive. (Total 20 pledge addresses together on January and February and total incentive to be release for 1st and 2nd period task)


Ada Byron Foundation

23rd March 2022