NEWS>01 March 2022>"Ultraspace" Stage of UltronGlow is coming!

"Ultraspace" Stage of UltronGlow is coming!

posr upgrade cn.jpeg

Goodbye to February 2022 and hello to March 2022! Dear UltronGlow fans, we are very excited and happy to tell you that we are about to usher into the second stage of UltronGlow, the "Ultraspace" upgrade. We will be having the upgrade of the UltronGlow mainnet weekly in this beautiful March of 2022 to make sure the “Ultraspace” upgrade is done smoothly. It could appear transactions failure or slow transactions during the upgrade period. Please stay tune and try not to make unnecessary transactions during this time to avoid transaction failure with gas fee paid. Everything will be back to normal after the upgrade is done.


We will make an announcement to inform everyone in advance before the upgrade starts. You may get the announcements on UltronGlow's official website (, the official Twitter account ( or the news of the Telegram community ( After the upgrade of the “Ultraspace” stage, we will have a brand new consensus mechanism which is the PoSR (Proof of Storage Resources), and you can get more incentives by providing storage space. We expect the entire “Ultraspace” upgrade to be complete by the end of March or mid-April.


The arrival of UltronGlow will make year 2022 an extraordinary year like no other!