NEWS>23 February 2022>Ultron Nodes Upgrading! Please be noted!

Ultron Nodes Upgrading! Please be noted!

The Ultron Nodes and sync node of UltronGlow‘s Origin Mainnet are having upgrade for 48 hours.
4.jpegThe upgrade time will begin from 13:00 on 23rd February 2022 (UTC+8) until 13:00 on 25th February 2022 (UTC+8).
It could appear transactions failure or slow transactions within 48 hours. Everything will become normal after the upgrade.
Please stay tune and try not to make unnecessary transactions during this time to avoid transaction failure with gas fee paid.

At the same time, due to the upgrade of the Ultron Nodes have to spend 48hours to complete the task, we might face some problems such as transaction failure because of the transactions are huge if we were to execute the smart contract. We would like to apologize to every investor that participated in the early bird and intermediate crowdfund. The released will be restart once the upgrade of the Ultron node is done, and the balance of these 2days will be release at once. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for supporting us!