NEWS>13 February 2022>The DApp for Crowdfund is ready to launch!

The DApp for Crowdfund is ready to launch!

The DApp for Early Bird and Intermediate Crowdfund is ready to launch!


Are you ready to celebrate?

We will launch the DApp for early bird and intermediate crowdfund on mid of Feb 2022. The login link of the DApps will be announce within next week. Please stay tune.

The login methods of the DApps:

1) Install a BaseMeta wallet in google chrome extension in your computer or install a Blube wallet in your mobile devices, import your private key or recovery phrases of the wallet address that you participate in the UTG crowdfund.

2) Authorize login to the DApp link in Google Chrome with BaseMeta or Blube Wallet in your mobile device.

3) Pay gasfee and withdraw your UTG back to your wallet.

Ada Byron Foundation

13th February, 2022