NEWS>29 November 2021>Ultronglow main network is ready to start

Ultronglow main network is ready to start


We are proudly announce that the UltronGlow mainnet is now ready to open. The first stage of UltronGlow mainnet "Origin" will be open on 30th November 2021. UltronGlow is a new-generation public blockchain platform that has attracted the attention of practitioners in the global industry. 

UltronGlow is a decentralized and open source public blockchain platform. UTG is the native governance token of UltronGlow. The concept of UltronGlow was first proposed in 2019 by Base’s programmers inspired by Ethereum, and it is positioned as a "blockchain platform for distributed edge computing and fragmented storage applications." In the latest version of the "UltronGlow White Paper" released by Base in 2021, the goal of building a distributed edge computing and fragmentation storage that can truly integrate the virtual world and real-world business is indicated, and at the same time, UltronGlow's development fund crowdfunding has been opened. During the crowdfunding period, it attracted a series of followers and supporters to join. UltronGlow's consensus mechanism is called GLOW. GLOW currently has assembled three major consensus mechanisms PoS (Proof-of-Stakes), PoSR Proof-of-Storage Resource) and PoTS (Proof-of Traded Storage) to maintain the smooth operation of the entire UltronGlow in the 1.0 phrase. UltronGlow is different from other public blockchains, because it has a large number of edge server node devices, storage resources and edge computing capabilities around the world to support the entire UltronGlow blockchain network. Because of these infrastructures, anyone who wants to deploy apps, DApps, games, and other programs can use UltronGlow's blockchain network and infrastructure for services.