UltronGlow is a free and open
blockchain network for Internet of

A new infrastructure blockchain platform serving the era of the Internet of Everything and the future data economy, focusing on providing practical technical solutions for the application of the Internet of Things, big data, Apps, DApps, NFT, Metaverse and so on

Technologies like the internet, 5G, cloud computing, edge computing, fragmentation storage and blockchain have broadened global connectivity. But instead of lowering barriers, tech monopolies are raising them.

UltronGlow prevent data breaches by using fragmentation storage solution with millions nodes around the globe and returns the power of data privacy to the people.



  • Blockchain-Network Layer Intergration

    UltronGlow is the project to achieve blockchain-network integration. Many blockchain projects function on the surface, at the user-facing application layer.
    UltronGlow works not just that but at the network layer and handles the data transmission on the Internet-based peer-to-peer network so that fragmentation storage is valid. UltronGlow architecture provides a solid foundation providing security, versatility, and scalability for DApps/Apps, NFT, Metaverse. 

  • Unique Consensus

    The UltronGlow Protocol consists of three consensus mechanisms which is PoS, PoSR, PoTS and PoSV to encourage more network participation. The Proof of Stake consensus uses a multi-house system and maintains the stability of the blockchain. The Proof of Storage Resources algorithm rewards nodes that provides storage resources in the network while the Proof of Trade Storage allow users to pay and rent storage resources from storage provider and storage provider will get rewards for providing valid storage usage for users.The Proof of Spacetime Verification verifies the storage resources and bandwidth of each storage node, and supervises the storage service quality.

  • “Using, Providing Is Mining”

    As long as you provide storage resources into UltronGlow network, you can receive PoSR rewards. If any users paid and used your storage resources to implement fragmentation storage, store open data, host Apps, DApps, the PoTS consensus will reward you as well. So, through the UTG consensus, using and providing is mining, and users can profit by offering storage, computing power, and other digital resources to the network.

  • Explore The Decentralized Internet

    Without network communications, there can be no apps, blockchains, or online ecosystems. UltronGlow is a distributed network built to connect users and apps to the decentralized Internet. Discover how UltronGlow changes the ways we interact, earn rewards and create value without the limits of centralized systems. 

UltronGlow is a brand new blockchain with multi-layers


UltronGlow support secure private networking and distributed fragmentation storage at instantaneous speeds possible without the data leaks compared with centralized cloud storages. Unlike clouds storage, UltronGlow localizes your data using SDVN to enable infinite scalable network as private and flexible as you need while using blockchain as a consensus layer.


  • Remote Networking

  • Remote Networking

  • Remote Networking

  • Edge Storage

  • Telecommuting

  • Live Broadcast

  • Edge Transmission

  • Secure Transmission

  • Iot

  • Remote Audio & Video

  • Fragmentation Storage

  • DAPP Communication