What is decentralized storage?

Decentralization is the process of giving control of an activity or organization to more than one local office or authorities. The term “decentralized storage” refers to a network where files are stored on multiple computers, or nodes

Celebrating UltronGlow’s 1-year anniversary

Celebrating UltronGlow’s 1-year anniversary. UltronGlow has been live for the last 365 days, covering a major milestone.

Celebrating 1 Million Blockheight

Celebrating 1 Million Blockheight. We are happy to announce that we have just hit over 1 million in blocks.

Test Node Rewards Burnt

We are burning all the test node tokens, as a deflationary model for the UltronGlow network, this greatly increases the value of the overall.

PoSR Consensus Upgrade

We are proud to announce that we will be upgrading the PoSR Consensus. This upgrade will make the consensus mechanism highly optimized.

BitMart is listing the UltronGlow token (UTG)

We are proud and happy to announce that UTG is going to list on Bitmart exchange and we will have open trading for UTG/USDT trading pairs.

Upgrade of the POS consensus mechanism

Upgrade of the POS consensus mechanism. We are upgrading the POS consensus mechanism, making it a more efficient mechanism.

UltronGlow Mainnet Upgrade

We are updating the UltronGlow mainnet to increase the overall performance of the network, so that users can have a smoother experience.

UltronGlow’s Crowdfunding Dapp is live

The early bird and intermediate crowdfund DApp will be launch at 22:22 on 22nd February 2022 (UTC+8).

The mainnet is getting an upgrade tomorrow

Tomorrow, the UltronGlow mainnet will be updated